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Dennis Hall in Rome
as Germont

25 years of history of the studio di belcanto

Studio di belcanto was established by Maestro Dennis Hall in Bern in 1984. Hall was a great baritone who studied voice in Rome with various famous singers such as Tito Shipa, Rodolfo Azzolini, Gianna Pederzini, Lissy de Scalzi and Maestro Antonio Ticco in Venice - all experts of the Garcia y Lamperti School.

Hall became famous in the role as Germont in La Traviata, receiving excellent reviews and critics comparing him with famous baritones like Battistini and De Luca. After his professional career, he chose to live in Bern and started to coach well-known artists from around the globe.

Dennis accompanied Stella Mendonça since the beginning of her professional career as a soprano. After more than eight years of working with Dennis, he appointed Stella Mendonça as his successor of the studio di belcanto in 2002 continuing the tradition of the voice technique by Garcia y Lamperti.