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studio di belcanto

Stella Mendonça, soprano
owner & pedagogue

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Roschistrasse 10
3007 BERN
+41 78 703 38 74

Download the sheet
with our fees (pdf)

We welcome interested students to apply for a personal audition. The audition serves to evaluate your level and the needs for your personal vocal development.

Private lessons
These à la carte lessons are completely arranged according to the need and interest of the student.

Focus for advanced students and professionals:

  • Harmonious and balanced posture
  • Breathing, appoggio and phonetics
  • Personalized vocalization
  • Progressive development of messa di voce
  • Discovery and pr- Developing the personal repertoire

Admission: Commitment of minimal 6 months / minimal 2 lessons per month

Small groups
Those lessons are based on group lessons for beginners and amateurs. They offer two major advantages: it is more fun to sing together in groups and it costs less.

Introduction programs for children and beginners in small groups:

  • Playful building of basic techniques - breathing & pronunciation
  • Short vocal exercises
  • Try your voice with first great songs
  • Joint rehearsal of concerts for friends and parents

Admission: Commitment of minimal 6 months / minimal 2 lessons per month

For those who like to learn more about technique while participating in a choir, we offer lessons with a repertoire for choirs aspiring a professional level, one public concert per year.

Admission: Commitment of minimal 12 months / minimal 4 sessions per month

Actors & speakers
Breathing makes 70 per cent of good speaking or singing! Studio di belcanto therefore also welcomes actors, speakers who want to work their breading technique as well as diction. You will discover the endless finesse of expression making voice a better tool for your profession.

Stiles: Classic, songs & classic-jazz

Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian & Portuguese