How it all started - our methodology

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Dennis Hall in Rigoletto

Felicity Palmer - one of
Dennis students

Edita Gruberova thanking
Dennis for his guidance

Dennis in the studio di belcanto

Dennis and his students in a
master class in Madrid (1997)

Let us empower you ! “Unlock Your Hidden Voice”

The Donna Stella studio di belcanto – The Art of Voice welcomes interested persons of all age: professionals, amateurs, adults and Jung persons to joining and discover our schooling and the passion for Art of Voice. Voice in music is our main focus, and we offer a large experience on different vocal "styles" (classical, jazz and songs).

Singing is fascinating, magic, is one of the oldest and purest form of musical expression. It is something you can do anywhere, at any age, with no equipment, with others or alone, on a professional and amateur level. Voice is the ultimate musical instrument, flexible, expressive more than anything made by man.

Learning how your voice works can make singing easier and more fun for amateurs and pros alike!

History of the "studio di belcanto" «voice technique by Garcia y Lamperti »

Studio di Belcanto, Garcia y Lamperti, was starterd by the great Maestro Dennis Hall in Bern, Switzerland in 1984, under the name Studio di Belcanto. Maestro Dennis Hall was a great bariton voice. He studied in Rome with various famous singers including i.e. Tito Shipa, Rodolfo Azzolini, Gianna Pederzini, Lisy de Scalzi (an expert of the Garcia/Lamperti School) and Meastro Antonio Ticco in Venice. Dennis Hall historic role was in Rome as Germont in “La Traviata” , his reviews were excellent, then critics likening his singing to that of Battistini and De Luca, saying that he brought back the Age of Belcanto. Unfortunately a Diabetic condition caused Maestro Dennis Hall to give up his operatic career, but since that decision he has opened a highly successful Singing Studio in Bern and many well-known professional artists work with him regularly. People as i.e. Felicity Lotte, Johanna Porakova, Stella Mendonça, Carry Person, Andreas Scheiddegger, Regula Brugos, Martin Hochtetter, Raffaela Revecca, Jeane Roth and so many others benefit from his talent as a great pedagoge.

In 2000 he asked soprano Stella Mendonça to work as his assistant after six years of work with him. Stella Mendonça interest and passion on teaching under Gracia y Lamperti belcanto technique was surely transmitted by Maestro Dennis Hall. In 2002, when he was very hill he totally gave the school and the responsibility of continuation of his work to his protégé. She then took over his students and continues to teach under this great secular voice technic heritage of Garcia and Lamperti in Bern since 2002. Some of her students are out and stating their carriers as successfully singers in classic music as well as modern music.

The Voice Technique

Our teaching combines the old Italian school of BelCanto as expounded by Manuel Gacia and Gionanni Battista Lamperti with scientific understanding of vocal function and personalities. The focus is coordination of the mind, heart and the body.

Each student is individually assessed for his or her specific vocal problems, and given exercises to work with to achieve their goals.  Generally, when you speak in a comfortable manner, your outer muscles do not interfere.  You can learn to sing with the same comfortable, easily produced voice you use when you speak, no matter where the note is in your range. You will learn to maintain your tone with this comfortable speech level posture when you sing, no matter where the note is in your range. When you know how to use your voice correctly, you can have it powerful working great forever on a healthy balance!

After a long experience and heritage of good long artistic tradition on voice and teaching, the Donna Stella’s school The Art of Voice and her team of teachers, offers to the most Jung, adults, amateurs and professional the passion of knowledge of vocal technique and performance.

Philosophy of Teaching

At hour school, you will not only learn a secular method of great vocal school and music interpretation, is important to know that you will embrace your entire person, spirit and voice together, by inspiring vocal progress an knowledge, nurturing the entire being, and by becoming a master of the word. Every singer must be helped to establish a feeling of peace, joy, safety and inspiration. This is the only road forward toward lasting vocal progress. No matter the style of music you do, classic, jazz, songs, pop style, or rock.

HEALTHY SINGING is a matter of awakening the natural resonance of special significance. By means of purpose-designed and individually adapted vocal exercises (using a choice of exercises from the affirmed Technique and method), but also by balance of the body, voice and soul has to be achieved.